Have a Project or Idea?

I’ve worked on all sizes of projects, from tiny conceptual one-offs, to e-commerce and marketing websites, to CMS based websites and even desktop applications!

Sometimes I work as a partner / collaborator, sometimes as a consultant / service provider, and sometimes as an employee of sorts.

If you have an idea or project you’d like to work on together, I’d love to hear about it!

How I can help

I’m open to all types of projects, but here are a few shoe-ins.

  1. A web or desktop (web technology based) application for delivering a product/service to users/customers.

  2. Or an internal facing one for you or your team to streamline internal processes, saving time and/or money.

  3. An E-Commerce platform for selling products via Shopify + sales and marketing integrations.

  4. A marketing site designed to connect you with a target audience. Effectively communicating the vision of a brand in a way that speaks to them.

My Thoughts on Software

Software is the great un-equalizer!

It can turn 100hrs of work into 1hr when wielded effectively. More and more extremely profitable companies are run by small teams of developers than any other business vertical I know.

This is such a powerful idea! So much so that it led me to completely switch careers!

  • At the same time, if underutilized or poorly designed, can cost more time (money) then those initial 100hrs. It’s easier than you might think given the complexities inherent in software development.
  • Well designed and managed software projects can cost a lot. Poorly designed and/or managed ones can cost a lot more.

So, whenever I work on a new project, I make it a personal mission to minimize the inherent risks involved. Tools like rapid prototyping, customer validation, design thinking, and user experience testing, coupled with a good process, can keep teams focused and achieving project goals.

Some Working Principles I Value

  • Good-enough design first, then great design, then even better than that!
  • Every task must fit the big picture
  • Open and honest communication built on trust
  • Focusing on user problems and business requirements in tandem
  • Avoiding your comfort zone
  • Meaningful work via calm focus, balance, and expression
  • Being technically proficient in area of expertise
  • Actively and continuously improving process
  • Favoring data over opinion
  • Favoring long-term solutions over band-aids


🤘 Based out of
Boulder, Colorado


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